The Washington Derby Is On

Posted by Dr. Dorothy McCoy on January 23, 2012 at 5:35 AM

The Washington Derby

We have a horse race in progress. The field is “peopled” by thoroughbreds from Ranch Euro and the Flag Ranch. The Euros have entered their current winner and their Great Hope is backed by enthusiastic, entrenched supporters. Their bets are made, the dye is cast. For good or evil, supporters have donned their blinkers. The Euros desperately want to believe they have another Secretariat in Barack. Inopportunely, he has taken some nasty falls back at the ranch in recent years. It remains to be seen if he can compete without suffering serious injury. He has veered off track into some rough terrain and remains a bit muddied and muddled. He will be closeted away until the Second Washington Derby.

The Flaggers

The Flaggers field of horse flesh has been “whinnied” down to four challengers. This diverse field is populated by two exceptionally talented champions from other aggressive races and two winners from less antagonistic races. Looking at the field, Newt is the dark horse, it was not supposed that he would do much more than lag miserably behind. Though past his prime and definitely carrying extra weight, he was entered because of his exceptional showing in one or two historic competitions. Perhaps a bit of nostalgia was also involved. He is known in racing circles as a Bismark (as in, sink the), the experts don’t expect much of a show. The opinion in race circles is, he has been ridden hard and put away wet too many times.

The favored runner is Mitt; he can be counted on to make a good showing. Much smart money is following him as it always does. He has dashes of brilliant distancing, yet he doesn’t seem to draw the enthusiasm that one would think considering his lofty performances. He attracts bets, but watchers don’t scream and go wild with fits of fervor when he circles the track. Truthfully? They tend to yawn.

Ron is definitely past his prime and will not win the race. Few people are betting on him but he seems to have sentimental value. Everyone respects a runner that though not a serious contender has the heart to try. His style is inconsistent, quirky, zany and at times surprising. What can I say, he will be remembered.

Rick is coming on steady, sturdy and prolific. He comes from good lines. His linage goes back, not to famous, pampered thoroughbreds but to more reliable, hearty farm stock. His history is impressive with steady progress toward the Washington Derby. He too has earned the respect of his supporters, but oddly reminiscent of Mitt there is no intensity to excite the emotions.

The Race Begins

The race is off to a slow start. Wait a minute folks! Mitt was in first rounding the curve, and then Rick came galloping up; nose to nose they circle the track. You are not going to believe this, folks… I wouldn’t if I wasn’t seeing it with my own brown eyes. A dark horse is charging up fast on the inside, wait! It is pawing the ground and spewing smoke and fire from its nostrils…Wow! It’s Newt, I can’t believe it…watch him go…wait! Watch out! Oh, my gosh, he ran down two daring reporters! RUN, John and Juan…darn, there they go rolling into the fence…what a race, my friends… and you can bet your sweet bippy, it’s not over yet.

Folks, there is no doubt this will be a race to remember.


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